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Specification sheet (pdf)

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MODEL 2024         

Provides a reliable, flexible system of starting, stopping, sequencing of pumps, blowers, & other devices


Modular Construction ... Circuit board and relays are plug-in for easy replacement
Alarm Silence circuitry for Audible Alarms

All functions provided with momentary test switches

Built in time delay prevents simultaneous lead/lag unit operation on power-up

Lead/lag unit preference easily switch selected

Level signals are indicated by L.E.D. lamps



The Essex Engineering Model 2024 Electronic Alternator is a versatile, reliable system for use in starting, stopping and sequencing pumps, blowers, or other equipment to be cycled.  For instance, as the level in a basin or other container changes, the level sensing switches monitor these changes and transmit a signal to the electronic alternator. The alternator, upon receiving the proper signal, will either start or stop the pumps in proper sequence.

There are separate turn-on and turn-off points for control, and for high level alarm. Isolated output contacts are provided for pump operation and alarms. The standard unit will operate from a 4 or 5 level point system, and has lock-in or non-lock-in sequence for lag level which can be field modified.

High level alarm point can be field set for lock-in, manual reset, or automatic reset. Relay K4 can follow K3 for DPDT switch operation, or be used as an audible device relay, dropping out when Alarm Silence pushbutton is added.

The electronic alternator also has a six second time delay to prevent the lag pump from starting simultaneously with the lead pump after a power failure, thus protecting an emergency generator from high inrush starting current requirements. 


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