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Specification sheet (pdf)

Instruction Manual (pdf) (please call)


Switches are on front of panel to provide easy set-up of sequencing.
Reliable...conservatively designed solid state control circuitry and isolated output circuits assure long operating life.  Inputs are optically isolated from the 2406 electronics.

120VAC/24VDC/12VDC power source.
Long life LED's for input and output indication.
Multiple units may be cascaded and/or paralleled to allow for control of more devices and/or levels.



The Essex Model 2406 is a simple, yet reliable unit designed to offer the maximum of versatility in sequencing the operation of pumps or other operating devices.

The 2406 is easy to set up for any desired sequence in the operation of up to four devices, with four levels of operation available for each device.

Long life LED's on the front panel provide readily visible indication of the status of each pump and level.

Up to four standard Model 2406 Sequencers may be connected together in series or parallel (or a combination of both), to provide for control of up to 16 devices at four levels, or four devices at 16 levels, or 8 devices at 8 levels.  Special configurations are available; consult factory.

The unit is solidly constructed with a heavy duty steel chassis, and rugged electrical components .  It is designed for use in combination with the Essex Engineering Corporation Model 2410 Pump Controller, although it can be used with float switches, controllers, etc. of other manufacture.

Technical details are shown in the downloaded specifications.


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