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Provides precision control over the process
Competitively priced
Parallel indicating vertical edge meters allow direct comparison between input and output.
Digital thumbwheels provide for accurate set points.




The Essex Model 2420 Ratio Station Module is a Ratio Station Module that allows the precise rationing of input and output signals on a continuous basis.  it is designed to be used in water treatment plants and in the chemical processing industry.  It offers the ability to control such items as chemical feed equipment, paced from flow, pressure or other type signals, by a multiplication factor of 0.1 to 3.9 times the input level.

Standard indication of the ratios is by means of two 3 1/2" vertical edge meters, calibrated 0-100%.  Custom scales are available for special applications.

Both the standard input and output signals are 4-20mA DC, with the ratio  being selected by means of two digital thumbwheels.  The ratio range is 0.1 to 3.9, selected in 0.1 step increments, with the accuracy being 0.2% of span.

The Model 2420 Ratio Station is designed to be used with the other units in the Essex 2400 series controllers, although it is feasible to incorporate the unit with controllers of other manufacture.  Consult the factory for proper application and/or special inputs, outputs and scales.

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