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Essex Engineering  Corporation
21 Industrial Drive
Ivyland, PA  18974
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Welcome to Essex Engineering

The term "engineering" in our name gives a strong clue to the high regard we place on the concept of properly designed equipment for process, water and wastewater control systems. Essex Engineering Corporation is totally dedicated to the design and manufacture of high quality control systems and subsystems.  Registered, professional engineering personnel on our staff help assure that the equipment will not only do the job for which it was intended, but that it will better conform to government regulations, where required.

Essex Engineering Corporation, founded in 1975, has been doing this successfully now for 40 years.  Experience counts...always.

One of the basic design concepts of Essex control systems is that of the modular configuration.  Modular systems facilitate trouble shooting and help assure, quick, easy certain restart in the event of difficulty.  Often there is no need to have highly paid outside firms, or in-house technicians at the plant site.   In the event of a problem, the module is simply replaced, and can then be sent to a central repair facility, or returned to the factory for service.

Essex can supply virtually any kind of control system, from the most simple analog type, to the highly sophisticated computer controlled versions with operator interface displays, to a complete SCADA system.

Essex has the field proven capability to successfully engineer and manufacture control systems for most any process, but places heavy emphasis on those for water and wastewater treatment.


Instrumentation and Control Systems for:

Wastewater Treatment

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